Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toilet Care & Use

Sample Learning Goals:
  • to explain how a toilet works; know that a toilet can be flushed with a bucket of water
  • to be able to plunge a toilet
  • to be able to fix a running toilet; understand that a running toilet wastes water which also effects the water bill
  • to use the toilet properly
  • to clean the toilet
  • to know how to shut off the water to the toilet

How Toilets Work
How Toilets Work – my 12 year old and I read through this, it was pretty readable (didn’t go over our heads), includes a flush interactive (demonstrating what is going on when the toilet flushes.
How Toilets Work video – another winner, from 3 minutes.
How a Toilet Works, Plumbing Diagrams & Repair Tips

Toilet Repair
How to Repair a Running Toilet
How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

How to Clean a Toilet
eHow – How to Clean a Toilet
  • Make a how to clean the toilet poster or write an essay; make a video showing how to clean the toilet; make a sequencing activity with pictures of the steps
  • Practice cleaning the toilet

Who invented the toilet?
History of Toilet Paper
World’s Most Expensive Toilet


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